Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If My Heart was a Compass You'd be North.

Not to copy my partner in crime, but I feel my favorite types of fashion are just as relevant as her's. Basically I'm just doing what the sparrow did and I'm sharing pictures of stuff I would actually be caught wearing, if only I had money to afford such commodities. Or maybe I just really like what the person was going for in the picture, but none of it is out of my style range. It's boring if I stick to one style, who says I can't be a different person everyday?... I will actually be posting pictures of outfits that I promised weeks ago. Good God I'm a terrible blogger.

Without the burger king crown of course, but it's a neat idea I give her that.

Yes I would actually wear that, so long as it was fake fur.

I really have this urge to own a sweater dress...and a sweater vest for that matter.

Something fascinates me about Native American clothing/accessories (just the style in general). To own a real authentic Native American accessory would be unbelievable.

I really wish my hair was long so I could braid it like that, I would grow it out just to braid it.

Yes I would wear that too, I really give this girl props for mixing patterns so well.

Join me next time while I either do one of four posts, I would list them but I want it to be a surprise.

(Most of these outfits were taken off of Lookbook.nu, which I am on now!)

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