Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm living a teenage dream.

Heyooo! So I''m a bad blogger, I have bunches of outfits to upload but I'm too lazy, Anna is a much better blogger than me. Hopefully I can step up to the plate a little more and make sure Anna doesn't take over! I'm only kidding little sparrow. I do have lots to share but I'm not gonna post everything right now, only the outfit i put together today. Next time I'll share my Boston trip(s) since I went on two. Well this outfit is a little more...edgier? For pete's sake I have a leather vest! (which I adore). But I think this romper is a great fall piece, even when it get's too cold to be wearing shorts I have bunches of new tights to pair with it! Enjoy!
Ps: Sparrow I really like your latest post, very good stuff (I like the black lace with the shorts)

Notice the studs! I'm such a rebel! (And those are owls on the earrings)

Here is the romper by it's self, see isn't it so cool!!

I love this bag...it's so yellow! (except the inside of course)

Motorcycle type boots I've been looking for, for ages!!

Romper- Ross Dress for Less, Vest-Thrift shop, Shoes- Ross dress for Less, Necklace- Claire's, Earrings- craft show, Bag- Ross dress for less, Ring- Thrift shop

Everything, minus the necklace and ring, I got in Pennsylvania when I went there this past weekend.

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