Thursday, September 9, 2010

We've Got One Last Chance to Make it Real, To Trade in These Wings on Some Wheels

Again, I apologize for the inconsistency. I'm trying to work out a schedule for posting that works around school and cross-country. This is just an outfit for school, nothing out of the ordinary.
Sometimes I wonder why teenagers go through so much stress. Everyone considers it the time that you can mess around, have fun, don't need to worry about being responsible. But I always feel so overwhelmed, like I never stop. I'm going to work on trying to take time for me, to read a book, to be alone in my own head.
It's a bit of a long story as to why everything is so wrinkled.... I didn't have the time to take pictures before school, and right after school is cross-country practice. So these clothes were sitting in my gymbag for a little while before I had the chance to snap some pictures. So I'm sorry they look a little less than presentable.

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