Saturday, July 31, 2010

You're a good soldier, choosing your battles.

Any blog I post it will be lyrics from the song I'm listening to, because I listen to music constantly especially when I'm working on something. Anyways I've decided to introduce you to my owl collection of accessories and such, yes I know it's a bit much. The funny thing is I didn't even show you everything of mine that is owl themed. Why the owl obsession? Well...ever heard of a "band" called Owl City? I put the word band in quotations because it's only one person in the band, the best "band" ever actually. But anyways I think you can get a feel for my owl obsession just by these few pieces, please enjoy!

My partner in crime (Anna)^^^actually got me that shirt

In order of shown:
Owl shirt-Delias
Gray Owl Shirt-Forever21
Tiny Brown owl neckalce-Clarie's
Ring on left-Forever21
Ring on right-Charlotte Russe
Owl earring-Forever21
Silver Owl Necklace-Wet Seal

Friday, July 30, 2010

I Feel Numb Most of the Time

So this is my first post! This is the outfit I wore yesterday, just around the house and working on my summer reading. My sister Betsy and I ran down the road to the Knights of Columbus Club to take these. These are my new shoes from Aldo, which I had been waiting to go on sale forever.

                                            Shirt- H&M, Shorts- Forever 21, Shoes- Aldo