Tuesday, August 31, 2010

If My Heart was a Compass You'd be North.

Not to copy my partner in crime, but I feel my favorite types of fashion are just as relevant as her's. Basically I'm just doing what the sparrow did and I'm sharing pictures of stuff I would actually be caught wearing, if only I had money to afford such commodities. Or maybe I just really like what the person was going for in the picture, but none of it is out of my style range. It's boring if I stick to one style, who says I can't be a different person everyday?... I will actually be posting pictures of outfits that I promised weeks ago. Good God I'm a terrible blogger.

Without the burger king crown of course, but it's a neat idea I give her that.

Yes I would actually wear that, so long as it was fake fur.

I really have this urge to own a sweater dress...and a sweater vest for that matter.

Something fascinates me about Native American clothing/accessories (just the style in general). To own a real authentic Native American accessory would be unbelievable.

I really wish my hair was long so I could braid it like that, I would grow it out just to braid it.

Yes I would wear that too, I really give this girl props for mixing patterns so well.

Join me next time while I either do one of four posts, I would list them but I want it to be a surprise.

(Most of these outfits were taken off of Lookbook.nu, which I am on now!)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Seems Like the Whole World's Walking Pretty and You Can't Find the Room to Move

So today was my grandfather's 80th birthday, and we went to celebrate it as his house. He has a really beautiful yard, so I took the opportunity to take some pretty pictures in the sun. It's my little sister Betsy who takes most of the pictures you see by the way.

She's Got A Secret Garden

I truly am sorry that I'm an awful blogger. Between work, running, and summer reading, I've been basically banned from the computer. Ang the worst thing about work is that it deprives me of the pleasure of choosing what I want to wear in the morning. Just that same uniform, ever day, and it always smells like coffee, no matter how many times I wash it. As strange as it sounds, I'll actually have more time once school starts.
But, I digress... This outfit, didn't actually wear anyplace. I got home from work and I said, "You know what? Dress. That's what." So it was basically an outfit just because I felt like it.
Hmm, I just realized that these pictures have the date and time on them, because I used my mom's camera. I don't think I like that... And this isn't really much of a garden, it's only my front yard.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm living a teenage dream.

Heyooo! So I''m a bad blogger, I have bunches of outfits to upload but I'm too lazy, Anna is a much better blogger than me. Hopefully I can step up to the plate a little more and make sure Anna doesn't take over! I'm only kidding little sparrow. I do have lots to share but I'm not gonna post everything right now, only the outfit i put together today. Next time I'll share my Boston trip(s) since I went on two. Well this outfit is a little more...edgier? For pete's sake I have a leather vest! (which I adore). But I think this romper is a great fall piece, even when it get's too cold to be wearing shorts I have bunches of new tights to pair with it! Enjoy!
Ps: Sparrow I really like your latest post, very good stuff (I like the black lace with the shorts)

Notice the studs! I'm such a rebel! (And those are owls on the earrings)

Here is the romper by it's self, see isn't it so cool!!

I love this bag...it's so yellow! (except the inside of course)

Motorcycle type boots I've been looking for, for ages!!

Romper- Ross Dress for Less, Vest-Thrift shop, Shoes- Ross dress for Less, Necklace- Claire's, Earrings- craft show, Bag- Ross dress for less, Ring- Thrift shop

Everything, minus the necklace and ring, I got in Pennsylvania when I went there this past weekend.

Monday, August 16, 2010


So, am I the only one who can't pick a set personal style? I get the sneaking suspicion that I look like a different person every day. Some days I think that's a good thing, that I can be whoever I feel like when I wake up in the morning. But sometimes I feel like what I wear should reflect my personality. Maybe I don't know myself well enough yet to settle on a style yet. So for now, I'm still working things out.
But there are some things that I lean towards...
I lean more towards minimalism, I'm not big into flashy. I like the strong, but chic vibe that all of the outfits in these pictures give, that they're laid back, but the girl is still tough and takes care of herself. I like the bordering on preppy, but with a twist.
I also like a more retro like, specifically the 20s and the 50s. I just feel like that could be sort of limiting, because I wouldn't be able to participate in modern trends and ideas. But I still think it's really cute and at the same time I like how it is above common trends because it's classic.
However, there are some days where I feel like going in a tougher, edgier direction. Not the tough minimalist, but the grungier type. Not super-disgusting-you-havn't-showered-in-a-week kind of grungy. Just tattered. But I'm positive that I couldn't stand looking like that every day.
One style I know is not for me is the glamourous look, laden with jewelry and froufrou. Some people, it works for, but I don't go for it. I also feel like I can't pull off boho very well, so I've sort of given up on that.
So as you can see, it's a work in progress.