Wednesday, September 15, 2010

With You, I Don't Hear The Minutes Ticking By...

"... I don't feel the hours as
they fly. I don't see the summer
 as it wanes, just a subtle change
 of light upon your face."

This is a continuation of images from the photoshoot that Ms. Owl started. Our good buddy who is a photographer helped us stage this little shoot, which I very much enjoyed.
I find this one pretty cute.
This is another of our friends, as Gina mentioned, who came to join in the shoot.
I'm discovering a lost jungle!
This was so much fun to make, and both us birds hope to do more in the future!
And thank you so much to our friends who helped!

Pink and Black Dress- H&M, Big White T-Shirt- Charlotte Russe, Shorts- Forever 21, Floral Skirt- Forever 21, White Bow Shirt- Hand-Me-Down

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